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Project # CFAPT00784 / AIP 3-02-0242-007-2020

Quinhagak Airport Layout Plan Update

Project Description

The Native Village of Kwinhagak (NVK) and the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) are working together to update the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) for Quinhagak Airport (AQH). An ALP serves as a critical planning tool that documents existing airport facilities and planned future development at the airport. The previous ALP was completed in 1997 and no longer serves as a guide for airport improvements. The updated ALP will document any changes in airport conditions since 1997 with a depiction of existing facilities and future planned development.  The ALP will also take into consideration:

  • Boundaries and proposed additions to land owned by the airport
  • The location of all existing and proposed airport facilities and structures
  • The location of existing and proposed non-aviation areas and improvements

The Quinhagak Airport is a general aviation (GA) airport located approximately 420 miles west of Anchorage and approximately 72 miles south of Bethel. The airport is owned and operated by NVK. Quinhagak has no other year-round transportation and relies on AQH for passenger, mail, and cargo service. The nearest communities are Eek and Goodnews, both located approximately 40 miles from Quinhagak, and are only accessible by land during winter months.
Major topics that will be addressed in the ALP update include:

  • Identify changes in existing conditions since the last ALP
  • Identify airport deficiencies and needs
  • Support AIP funding for future airport improvements


The AQH ALP Update kicked off in September 2020. The final updated Quinhagak ALP is anticipated in December 2022.

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